Why Retail is Ready for Blockchain | An Exclusive Position Paper from the RFID Lab at Auburn University

In today’s retail and apparel industry, there are many factors that prevent organizations from achieving end-to-end product visibility. One of the most critical examples of this is poor communication of data between organizations. The data associated with products is often substituted or discarded as goods are transferred from one stakeholder to the next, with each organization redefining and replacing the previous product data with information relevant to their own operations.

Enter blockchain, a transformative technology that holds the promise of alleviating today’s supply chain pain points. In our latest white paper, the Auburn RFID Lab research team reviews the problems facing the retail and apparel industry in regards to how they share their data, as well as the business value of blockchain for the supply chain stakeholders, brand owners, retails, logistic providers, and solution providers.

Last updated: July 1st, 2020