“I have always enjoyed helping people and working with my hands. I have helped over 10,000 people achieve better smiles and dental health. The joy comes when I change someone from a look they don’t like to a look they like – it’s a life-changing moment for those patients.”

“My goal is to give my patients excellent, high-quality dentistry that is still reasonably affordable. I don’t believe in taking short-cuts. I am efficient, exacting and concerned about every patient’s satisfaction and results.”

In his spare time, Dr. Yount's activities include, but are not limited to golf, motorcycle riding...though no longer racing through the woods, shooting sports of several types, and Dr. Yount still holds a Residential Home Builder's License and built homes seemingly for grins and giggles. The Yount's are currently enjoying their grandson, born in September 2018, parking cars for games at the office - which has also become their Football Saturday tailgate spot - lots of fun with many repeat customers!



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