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Our unique value proposition

Breaking Boundaries for Developers Nationwide

We provide our development partners access to the great abundance of necessary experience and advanced capabilities that remove former limits on developers’ project goals. Though many of those project benefits are in the form of providing the capital necessary for large development projects, we do more for developers than provide funding, much more.

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A True Nationwide Development Partner

Our comprehensive commercial real estate, site development, and financing expertise encompasses every part of the commercial development projects we support. Our team provides developers with unparalleled opportunities to plan projects with aggressive construction schedules, and to pursue multiple development projects simultaneously across multiple states and regions.

We are proud of our position in our industry, providing capital for commercial real estate development projects throughout the mainland United States. b2 has rendered full-scope development and financing services for major commercial real estate development in 30 states.

b2Partners continues to provide critical access to capital and essential problem-solving capabilities that enable large commercial property development projects to go forward for some of the nation’s most ambitious developers and their commercial tenants.

All Specialties in a Single Commercial Development Firm

b2Partners’s unsurpassed combination of industry experience and talent in our team of experts provides the full range of commercial development services during the pre-development phase and throughout completion of the project. We provide the complete spectrum of services developers need in order to meet their site-specific development challenges, including:

  • Financing — b2Partners provides our clients with access to 100% of the capital they need in order to realize their vision for their commercial development projects, on a non-recourse basis, as we manage multiple sources for capital. We customize the capital structure for each development plan, to fit the unique economics of the individual development project and to ensure that the needs of developers are met.
  • Site Plan — b2 site specialists management of planning, through the site survey and permitting process are handled by our in-house site selection and planning specialists. Environmental investigation, geotechnical analysis, and all other required site selection and preliminary planning are handled by b2Partners specialists.
  • Design — Our world-class commercial development designers create the ultimate in unique, engaging, enhanced experiences for commercial property users, designing for flow of automobile and foot traffic, eco-friendly design, design for reflection of local culture. b2Partners commercial development designers and engineers collaborate with our clients to create cutting-edge commercial developments that excite and inspire visitors and enhance brands.
  • Budgeting — b2Partners commercial construction project managers, in collaboration with our accounting specialists, manage all facets of budgeting for large commercial real estate development projects, including all site improvements, fees, testing, permits, insurance, document stamps, payroll, taxes, cost analyses, inspections, legal costs, appraisals, loans, interest payments, contingencies, overhead, marketing and sales expenses, and other costs.
  • Commercial Construction — b2Partners manages all commercial construction responsibilities and timelines. Our commercial construction project managers use state-of-the-art technology, including advanced project management tools on a fully-integrated platform, enabling precise coordination and reporting between all project support teams, subcontractor management, and so on, all the way through punch list and project closeout, administration of lien waivers and warranties.
  • Subcontractor Selection and Management — Our experts in contractor management administrate the bidding process, qualify and select subcontractors, and administrate the composition or modification and execution contracts, and collection of subcontractor insurance and other required documents for third-party consultants and construction subcontractors.
  • Lease Negotiations — Our sophisticated team of seasoned deal-makers are second to none in ability to negotiate terms and close contracts that serve our clients’ very best advantage while ensuring the win-win outcomes that preserve and promote positive relations with valued tenants.
  • Closing — All requirements and documents involved in pre-closing preparations and final real estate contract closing can be managed in-house by our expert team of real estate sales closing and legal specialists.
  • Legal — b2Partners legal department provides all legal capabilities necessary for commercial real estate development, including title review, survey review, entitlements, contract administration, transaction management, net lease negotiation, closing and other relevant legal services.