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Welcome to B2Partners Commercial Real Estate Capital Firm

We choose for our corporate “stance” to revolve around Service and for our “focus” to lie predominately on Relationships.

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Commercial Construction

From building site challenges, to design and full-scope construction management, to lease negotiations, to project funding, our team of top experts delivers unparalleled problem-solving results for developers and commercial tenants, in every facet of commercial real estate development.

Construction Financing

We provide our commercial development partners with a top team of commercial development funding and construction management experts with unsurpassed experience and skills to help ensure developers’ success. Of course, capital is always a central consideration in any commercial construction project, but at b2 we do much more for developers than provide financial resources.

National-Scale Development

For our corporate clients expanding their real estate portfolios, we are fully capacitated to handle multiple commercial construction projects across the United States, from building detached commercial buildings to developing large-scale commercial centers.

Full-Scope Developer Services

b2Partners’ talented team of large-development deal-makers know how to reconcile the balance sheet with a developers’ vision for a project. Our skill in quickly identifying the most desirable locations for a commercial development project and our mastery of all facets of commercial development enable us to deliver completed projects consistently on budget and on time.

b² Partners is one of the United States’ leading comprehensive large-scale commercial development financing and construction services firms. We offer the complete range of commercial real estate development services for commercial investors. We also provide 100% of the capital for large commercial building projects.

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Why we stand out

b2 Partners Culture of Excellence

Every member of our world-class team of finance specialists and commercial builders has helped make b2Partners stand out among national commercial construction firms. Our depth of commitment to excellence in performance of each step of every service we provide for our clients has built our brand reputation throughout the country. But, it’s our customer-first business philosophy that drives our team to make only decisions and take only actions that serve our clients’ best short- and long-term interests as our guiding principle.

Customer-First Philosophy — Our dedication to our clients’ interests are demonstrated in everything we do. Our team has succeeded through our proven resourcefulness in creative, effective problem solving. This means providing clear communications, thorough and timely construction project management reporting, and proactive mitigation of major issues and risks.

Core Commitments — That means demonstrating expert-level competency in all needed commercial construction specializations and exceptional organization, focus, and preparedness for every step of each process in a development project. Our goal is to inspire our clients’ confidence by simply keeping these core commitments every day, throughout all phases of every project — no excuses.

We do what it takes to keep improving and to keep our promises.

As a result of our long track record of superior reliability, our clients recognize b2 as the industry’s best full-service commercial development partner. It is our pride in our performance and our determination to exceed our clients’ expectations that has made our hard-working team and our reputation so strong across our industry today.

We do what it takes to keep improving and to keep our promises.

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